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Daphne Daigle

Danielle Messina



2020-2021 Goals


By the end of the year 70% or better of the 1st grade students will score 47 words correct on District EOY Oral Reading Fluency in a 1 minute probe and 90% on Grade 1 high frequency word list (2 seconds per word)



By the end of the year 68% or better of the 1st grade students will score 80% or better on District EOY Math Assessment and Fluency.

Mrs. Daphne Daigle - 

Mrs. Daigle is a 1998 graduate of Nicholls State University.  She has been teaching 1st grade at Honduras for 23 years.  She is proud to be part of a strong and supportive faculty.  Mrs. Daigle adores her students and seeks to create a personal connection with each child.  

Danielle Messina

Mrs. Danielle Messina -

Mrs. Messina has been at Honduras for 2 years.  Mrs. Messina grew up in New Orleans and brings a new style of teaching to our school.  A colorful classroom with technology based lessons help to prepare her students for the future.