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Contact Denise Belanger  Denise Belanger Teacher
Contact Michelle Berthelot  Michelle Berthelot Staff
Contact Janet Brunet  Janet Brunet Staff
Contact Sylvia Clark  Sylvia Clark Teacher
Contact Heather Coulon  Heather Coulon Teacher
Contact Daphne Daigle  Daphne Daigle Teacher
Contact Shameka Davis  Shameka Davis Staff
Contact Belva Dusenbery  Belva Dusenbery Teacher
Contact Annette Foret-Lagarde  Annette Foret-Lagarde Teacher
Contact Nicole Hayes  Nicole Hayes Teacher
Contact Crystal Hebert  Crystal Hebert Teacher
Contact Mary Johnny  Mary Johnny Staff
Contact Jessica Koster  Jessica Koster Staff
Contact Miriam LeBoeuf  Miriam LeBoeuf Staff
Contact Sue LeBoeuf  Sue LeBoeuf Assistant Principal
Contact Cindy Lee  Cindy Lee Teacher
Contact Mia Martinez  Mia Martinez Teacher
Contact Robin Moore  Robin Moore Teacher
Contact Melissa Moreau  Melissa Moreau Staff
Contact Danielle Parfait  Danielle Parfait Staff
Contact Roxanna Pellegrin  Roxanna Pellegrin Staff
Contact Megan Roark  Megan Roark Teacher
Contact Linda Russell  Linda Russell Teacher
Contact Lee Thibodaux  Lee Thibodaux Teacher
Contact Gina Trahan  Gina Trahan Teacher
Contact Jessica Vicknair  Jessica Vicknair Teacher
Contact Brandi Westbrook  Brandi Westbrook Teacher
Contact Angela Whitehead  Angela Whitehead Teacher
Contact LaToya Williams  LaToya Williams Teacher
Contact Ashley Wininger  Ashley Wininger Teacher

Faculty and Staff

If you should need to contact one of the teachers at Honduras, please use the Staff Directory to the left of the page to email the teacher directly.  As always, you are welcome to call the school at (985)872-5695 and leave a message for the teacher.  Your call will be returned at their earliest convenience.  


Pre-K Teachers:

Nicole Hayes-Sneeze, Non Cat

Mia Martinez

Gina Kraemer

Annette Foret-Lagarde

Crystal Hebert

Pre-K Paraprofessionals:

Mary Johnny

Michelle Berthelot

Janet Brunet

Danielle Parfait

Roxanna Pellegrin



Kindergarten Teachers:

Brandi Westbrook

Jessica Vicknair

Heather Coulon

First Grade:

Daphne Daigle

Linda Russell

Second Grade: 

Cindy Galinsky

Robin Moore

Third Grade: 

Megan Roark

Latoya Williams

Fourth Grade:

Sylvia Clark

Angela Whitehead

Special Education:

Marlyn LeBlanc

Belva Dusenbery

Ebony Vallian ( Para)


Shameka Davis

Sue Gremillion (sub)


Denise Belanger

Computer Lab: 

Melissa Moreau


Lee Thibodaux

Angie Naquin, APE


Jessica Koster

School Psychologist:

Farah Thompson


Lisa Hebert, R.N.

Ginger LeBlanc, Sp Ed, R.N.

Shauntell Thomas, Health Aide


Rickey Sneeze

Roxanne Billiot



Chantel Theriot


Miriam LeBoeuf