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Cindy Galinsky

Robin Moore

Michelle Pinell

2018-2019 Goals​


By the end of the year 61% or better of the 2nd grade students will score 87 words correct on District EOY Oral Reading Fluency and 90% on the Grade 2 High Frequency Words list.  


MATH GOAL:  By the end of the year 51% or better of the 2nd grade students will score 80% on the District Math EOY test. 

Second Grade Teachers

Cindy Galinsky Mrs. Cindy Galinsky has been an educator for several year.  She previously taught third grade before moving into second grade.  Mrs. Galinsky is a graduate of ULL and spends her free time with her family.  Mrs. Galinsky brings excitement into all her lessons.  
Robin Moore Miss Robin Moore has been teaching second at Honduras Elementary for several years.  Miss Moore enjoys spending her off time with her friends and family.