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7:20-7:45 Breakfast

7:45 Classes Begin

8:00-8:30 DIBELS

10:30 Kindergarten Lunch

11:00 First Grade Lunch 

11:30 Third Grade Lunch and Pre-K Lunch

11:50 Second Grade Lunch

12:25-12:45 Recess

 2:40 Dismissal


Only those persons listed on the student information form are allowed to check out a student.  You are required to present a valid photo ID to check out your child every time.  This practice is to ensure the safety of all students.  


If you must pick up your child before dismissal, please do so before 2:15.  This will cause less confusion.  



IMPORTANT!!! If your child needs to ride a different bus or if someone will pick your child up, you must send a note to school with your child.  We can no longer accept phone calls to switch your child's transportation.


Please park in a single file line down Ellender Street to wait for your child.  Please do not block the driveway so the buses may enter the school parking lot.  The students will wait in line until your care approaches the designated pick up area.  Please make sure to have your child's name visible in order to make this process as efficient as possible.  


Car riders will be dismissed after all the buses have been loaded.  Parents may pull up under the covered area and the staff will help load your child in your vehicle.  Please remain in your car parked along Ellender Street until all of the buses have been loaded and released.  Please help us by having your child's name displayed in your vehicle upon entering the parking lot. 


Uniform Colors for students in Pre-K through 3rd grade:

  • Navy blue bottoms and white or dark green tops.  
  • Socks of any color may be worn
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts may be worn in any color  - no large logos allowed

Uniform Colors for students in 4th grade:

  • Kakhi bottoms and white or dark green shirts.
  • Socks of any color may be worn.
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts may be worn in any color - no large logos allowed.  


If your child needs to take medicine on a regular basis at school, you must complete an "Authorization Form for Medication" that must be completed and signed by the doctor prescribing the medication.  

Teachers and other faculty members are prohibited from giving students medication of any sort.  You must come to school to give your child any medicine he/she may need. 

Students are not allowed to have prescribed or over the counter medication in their possession.  Your child may have cough drops accompanied by a note and the cough drops must remain in the office.